Boron Molecular can undertake custom synthesis of monomers and polymers on scales ranging from grams (laboratory scale), to kilograms (pilot scale), through to commercial scale (hundreds of kilos to metric tonnes) to support all phases of development and manufacture.   We can develop and optimize your process to ensure a smooth transition from laboratory scale through to pilot and commercial scale manufacture.

We work under non-disclosure agreements and don’t hold any IP on the processes developed under such agreements.  Our objective is to build close partnerships with companies in order to solve your technical problems and to deliver high quality products.  Ensuring the quality of our products is important to Boron Molecular.  

We operate an ISO9001 quality system and we have an in house analytical laboratory that can perform a variety of analytical tests. We are currently supporting customers in a wide range of fields ranging from paints, coatings, adhesives and electronics through to cosmetic, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries.