Boron Molecular offers boronic acids in several forms, including boronic acid esters, trifluoroborates in addition to the free acids. Esters of boronic acids can be used advantageously depending on the application and, in some situations, are superior and crucial to the success of the synthesis or purification of compounds.

Some advantages of the ester analogues of boronic acid include:

The Suzuki-Miyaura reaction - the coupling an arylboronic acid or ester with an arylhalide or pseudo-halide has gained widespread acceptance as one of the key methods of choice for the synthesis of biaryl and hetero-biaryl systems. It has a number of distinct advantages over other metal-catalysed cross-coupling reactions, due to the broad array of functionality tolerated and the non-toxic nature of the inorganic by-products. Boronic acids or esters are the reagents of choice for this powerful C-C bond forming reaction.

Boron Molecular has built on the initial discovery of Suzuki and Miyaura through the development of a broad platform of technologies and improvements that enable the synthesis of an impressive range of organoboronic acids and esters, and their subsequent use in coupling reactions.  Typically, the need to protect and deprotect sensitive functionality is minimized thereby facilitating the synthesis of complex molecules.

Boron Molecular is able to manufacture custom molecules,  both  boronic acids and thier derivitives and  aryl halides, from grams through to hundreds of kilograms to help you take full advantage of the utility Suzuki-Miyaura reaction.