Chemistry Services

As a company, Boron Molecular  have a long history of the supply of supply of boronic acids and esters into medicinal and materials science development programs. In addition we offer a wide array of halogenated organic molecules which are useful in Suzuki type coupling reactions, as well as a range of other precursor molecules of interest in the materials science field.  To this end we have recently added an additional 100 plus compounds to the catalogue.  

Less well known is our ability to custom synthesise molecules to meet particular customer requirements. We can undertake custom synthesis on scales ranging from milligrams through to hundreds of kilos to support the needs of scientists and engineers from the initial R&D phase through to larger scale late phase manufacture.   We are currently supporting customers in a wide range of industries ranging from paints and coatings through to intermediates for use cosmetic, veterinary and pharmaceutical applications.

Our chemistry services can be applied to any chemistry problem, from proof of concept synthesis to process development and production.

Our synthetic chemists are committed to commercially viable solutions & services in diverse areas, notably:

Backed by an efficient team of process development and engineering experts, our customer service personnel ensure that lines of communication are open around the clock and our service is responsive, informed, and reliable.

Product and Process Development

We have a range of facilities which allow us to undertake complex synthetic reactions on scales ranging from milligrams to hundreds of kilograms.  As we have a wide range of reaction equipment available we are not limited to any one “type” of chemistry and have the in-house expertise to quickly assess if a particular product or project will be a suitable fit for our facilities.  Our facilities are designed to meet all relevant local regulations for the development and manufacture of novel synthetic products. The facilities are supported by an extensive quality system which is ISO9001 compliant.  All of the development and manufacturing activities undertaken by Boron Molecular are controlled by this quality system.

The customized chemical services Boron Molecular provides are complemented by experience in specialist chemical methods. This assists us in the development and validation of reliable processes, which can then be scaled up to commercial levels; providing a seamless transition from lab bench to kilo-lab, and beyond...