CSIRO and Boron Molecular Sign RAFT Agent Supply Agreement


3 May 2014



The global polymer industry will soon have access to commercial quantities of RAFT agents, thanks to a new licensing arrangement between Boron Molecular and Australia's national science agency, the CSIRO.

Under the terms of the agreement announced today, Boron Molecular will have the right to mass-manufacture and sell RAFT chain transfer agents globally for both R&D and commercial purposes.

CSIRO's reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) technology is a powerful method that allows users to tailor polymer properties with unprecedented control.

Up until now companies have only been able to access much smaller 'research' quantities of the agent for R&D evaluation.

With access to commercial volumes of RAFT agents, it is expected that the uptake of the technology in key markets will accelerate significantly, including in the biomedical, personal care, agriculture and the industrial and chemical sectors.

Boron Molecular Director Zoran Manev said the agreement would allow the company to expand its expertise and manufacturing base.

"This agreement with CSIRO broadens the scope of our business and enables us to offer, for the first time, RAFT agents to the marketplace. We are pleased to be able to offer quality agents in larger quantities for both evaluation and commercial purposes, and at competitive prices.

"We expect that this will expedite the development of new polymer-derived products for a variety of markets," he said.

Dr Cathy Foley, Chief of CSIRO's Materials Science and Engineering Division, said she was very pleased to be working with Boron Molecular in the RAFT agent manufacturing space.

"We are working closely with the team at Boron Molecular to enable commercial supply of RAFT agents suitable for our industry partners. They are agile and have a track record in delivering bespoke molecules and reagents to industry."

"RAFT has very broad applicability across a range of industry sectors because of the need for new and improved multifunctional polymers for many different applications," Dr Foley said.

If you would like to discuss using RAFT for your industrial application contact CSIRO.

About Boron Molecular

Boron Molecular is an Australian Company with manufacturing facilities in both Melbourne, Australia and Raleigh, North Carolina. Boron Molecular provides unique building-block molecules and specialist chemistry services to the pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and material science industries from proof of concept synthesis to process development and large scale production at the Melbourne facility. Additionally they also offer a catalogue of boronic acids, boronic acid esters and trifluoroborates and their precursor halides. Boron Molecular utilises these precursor molecules to undertake complex synthetic reactions on scales ranging from milligrams to hundreds of kilograms. Visit www.boronmolecular.com


CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) is Australia's national research agency and is one of the largest and most diverse scientific organisations in the world. CSIRO carries out scientific research in areas including energy, the environment, information technology, health, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and natural resources. CSIRO has active research programs and partnerships furthering the development of the RAFT technology and its applications. Visit www.csiro.au

About RAFT

RAFT. or reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerisation, is a technology platform for making better polymers. It uses simple, free-radical chemistry to enable the synthesis of tailor-made polymers with predetermined molecular weights, narrow polydispersities and complex architectures. RAFT is very broadly applicable to polymers particularly in the areas of industrial, personal care, agricultural and biomedical polymers where higher order functionality is required. The development of the RAFT process has given rise to a new branch of polymer chemistry, and its inventors have received numerous awards for RAFT's development. To date, more than 4,000 papers have been published on RAFT, coupled with over 400 patents granted globally. CSIRO licenses and collaborates to develop RAFT applications globally, and would like to hear from you about your application. More information on RAFT is available at www.csiro.au/products/RAFT Please contact us on raft@csiro.au



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