RAFT Agents Label Licence (Research Use)





Use of this product may be covered by one or more of the following patents and pending applications:
WO 98/01478 and WO 99/31144.

For details contact Boron Molecular Pty Ltd.

Boron Molecular Pty Ltd is authorised and licensed to sell this product for research purposes only, and for use in any field except the following:

(a) any products (including but not limited to those containing SPF) for application to keratin surfaces to provide a cosmetic benefit

(b) any ophthalmic application (including without limitation ophthalmic devices, solutions and devices used to incorporate, deliver or regulate the release of bioactive or therapeutic substances for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of human ophthalmic diseases)

(c) oligomers and polymers for use in photoresists for microlithography;

(d) oligomers and polymers for use in anti-reflective coatings for microlithography,

(e) oligomers and polymers for use in photoresists, and coatings, for displays applications;

(f) oligomers and polymers (including self-assembly polymers) for use in nanofabrication of structures for MEMS, microelectronics, and photonics;

(g) materials for use in display or lighting applications, including without limitation any active materials (including light-emitting materials, charge injection materials, transport materials), and any inactive or processing materials (e.g. containment structures, ink additives, encapsulation or barrier materials, etc), for applications including: (A) OLED displays; (B) LCDs; (C) quantum dot displays; and (D) touch screens;

(h) organic electronics, which include: 

(A) any organic conductor or semiconductor material; and
(B) any material (whether active or inactive) for use in an electronics device in which current is carried by an organic conductor or semiconductor material – however, polymer photovoltaic applications and/or organic photovoltaic applications are not excluded from the Permitted Field;

(i) any material for use as a binder, dispersant, or additive in the area of printing or coating processes used in printing inks and color filters. These printing methods include: (A) ink jet inks, which include drop on demand and continuous printing methods, aqueous, solvent, and UV curing based inks, and pigment-based, dye-based, or clear ink formulations; and (B) laser induced thermal imaging processes to produce printed images, color filters, and flexographic printing plates;

(j) any sheet containing polymethyl methacrylate and >7% fillers and any products containing polymethyl methacrylate and >7% fillers;

(k) elastomers for use in underhood transportation vehicle applications;

(l) processing aids, additives and modifiers (including but not limited to compatibilizers, coupling agents, tougheners and stabilizers), that enhance the processing, properties and performance of polymeric materials for use in, and compounds for use in, food and beverage packaging, construction materials (including without limitation wire and cable and piping), and transportation materials.

The purchase of this product from Boron Molecular Pty Ltd conveys to the purchaser a non-transferable and non-sublicensable sublicense from Boron Molecular Pty Ltd, under WO 98/01478 and WO 99/31144 only, to use the quantity of product so purchased for the sole purpose of carrying out reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization using this product:

(1) to make polymers (RAFT Polymers) in any field except those described above; and
(2) to make products using those polymers (RAFT Products) in any field except those described above; and in both cases for the sole purpose of the purchaser’s own research or evaluation in accordance with the following conditions.

Prior to any such use of this product, or any RAFT Polymers or RAFT Products in animals, the purchaser must obtain all ethical and regulatory approvals, and must at all times comply with all laws, regulations and binding guidelines, applicable to that use. The purchaser acknowledges that this product is supplied “as is”, and no representation or warranty is given in relation to the product

(including any representation or warranty that the product, or any RAFT Polymers or RAFT Products are fit for use in animals).

The purchaser must not, and the purchase of this product does not convey or grant any licence to the purchaser, or otherwise authorise the purchaser, to use this product for any purpose within the fields described above, or for any purpose other than research and evaluation as described above (including, without limitation, the manufacture of RAFT Polymers or RAFT Products for sale or hire, use of this product to provide any commercial service for any other person, or resale of this product whether or not such resale is conditional on subsequent use being restricted to research), or for any use in humans. The purchaser is not entitled to sell, hire, transfer or otherwise dispose of the product or any RAFT Polymers or RAFT Products made using this product to any third party (except to the extent required for the purposes of the purchaser’s own research or evaluation). The purchase of this product does not convey or grant any licence to the purchaser under any other patent (including any RAFT-related patent) or item of intellectual property owned by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

For a commercial licence to use this product, or for a research licence to other RAFT-related patents or in the fields described above, please contact Boron Molecular Pty Ltd for licensor contact details or see www.csiro.au/products/RAFT .