About us

A specialist fine chemicals manufacturing company

Established in 2001, Boron Molecular is a leading specialist fine chemicals manufacturer. The company was formed around a suite of process patents on boronic acids, which were originally developed by the CSIRO.  

The team consists of chemists and chemical engineers with a wide range of expertise across a number of chemical and related industries. 

With over 2500 catalogue compounds, our core business is the synthesis and production of multi-kilo quantities of early and late stage building blocks for export to the global pharmaceutical industriesWe also carry out custom research for our clients on novel heterocycles and boronic acids and particularly excel at the translation of bench-scale procedures to multi-kilo production.

We have a fully integrated operation in Raleigh, North Carolina, which compliments our research, development and manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Australia. 

As boronic acid manufacturer and fine chemicals supplier Boron Molecular has developed strong quality, documentation, and communication systems to ensure that clients are constantly aware of project status, which has led to a reputation for excellence in technology transfer projects with companies situated in the US, UK, Japan and Australia.

More recently, we have extended our range to branch into polymer and materials science, which includes RAFT Agents (Reversible
Addition-Fragmentation chain Transfer) for controlled-polymerisation, conductive polymers and MOFs. 

Our Team

World leaders in the provision of unique building-blocks and specialist chemistry services to the pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and materials science industries


Boron Molecular has significant experience in undertaking technology transfer projects. Do you need help translating your technology from the bench through pilot scale and beyond?


Boron Molecular’s headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia, housing administrative offices, wet laboratories, pilot scale production bay and a stand alone manufacturing facility.


Boron Molecular works with outstanding scientific partners around the world

History of Boron Molecular


  • Boron Molecular founded
  • Core technology focus on Boronic Acid building blocks for cross-coupling chemistry



  • Master License Agreement signed with the CSIRO
  • Diversify into Polymers and Materials
  • RAFT Agents Commercialised


  • Polymers capability developed
  • Custom RAFT Agent synthesis introduced


  • New line of polymers introduced
  • Biomaterial building blocks PHMO/PDMS 
  • Macromonomers introduced
  • Biomaterials synthesis capabilities developed
  • Linkers added to catalogue


  • Development of electroactive polymer synthesis capabilities
  • Electroactive polymers for conductive coatings and composites developed


  • Materials for emissions capturing technologies developed
  • Synthesis of modifiers for fire resistance developed
  • MS3 resin developed for art conservation
  • Battery technology developed in collaboration with Deakin University.
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