We have an extensive catalogue of over 2000 discrete small molecule building blocks and novel materials.

Boronic Acids

Boron Molecular have a long history of the supply of boronic acids and boronic acid esters into medicinal and materials science development programs. 

Boron Molecular offers boronic acids in several forms, including boronic acid esters, trifluoroborates in addition to the free acids. Esters of boronic acids can be used advantageously depending on the application and, in some situations, are superior and crucial to the success of the synthesis or purification of compounds. Some advantages of the ester analogues of boronic acids.

Check out our catalogue of boronic acids and esters.

Heterocycles and Aromatic Building Blocks

Boron Molecular specialises in aromatic and heteroaromatic chemistry. We offer a wide array of aromatic and heteroaromatic building blocks in our catalogue and routinely manufacture novel heterocycles on proprietary custom synthesis basis.  With our experience in Boronic Acids we also provided a variety of cross-coupled building blocks.

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Raft Agents

Boron Molecular specialises in the synthesis of dithiocarbamates, trithiocarbamates and xanthates. Boron Molecular has developed a set of RAFT Agents for both commercial and R&D applications. These versatile, low odour, low cost RAFT Agents are now available in gram to metric tonne quantities. The RAFT Agents – Selection Table  is designed to assist the RAFT Technology user to choose the right RAFT Agent to ensure the best polymerization outcome. We also provide custom RAFT Agents on an exclusive basis to suit customers requirements. Please contact our sales team for technical assistance on RAFT Agents for your requirements.

Check out our catalogue of RAFT Agents.

Ionic Liquids

Boron Molecular specialises in the synthesis of high-purity ionic liquids. We provide a number of materials in our catalogue and also supply a range of custom synthesised ionic liquids to customers on an exclusive basis. We have pilot scale resin exchange facilities enable us to produce a variety of electrolyte configurations on pilot scale. Please contact our sales team for technical assistance and support on Ionic Liquids for your requirements.

Check out our catalogue of Ionic Liquids

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