Our Team

Management Team

Oliver Hutt

Oliver Hutt is based at Boron Molecular’s manufacturing operation in Noble Park, Melbourne, Australia. Dr Hutt completed his doctoral studies at the Australian National University in 2005 and then two post-doctoral stints in the School of Pharmacy at The University of Kansas and The University of Minnesota. Dr Hutt worked at Australia’s national applied research agency, CSIRO, from 2009-2019 and then joined Boron Molecular in 2019 with a view to develop and commercialise Boron Molecular’s growing technology portfolio. With a demonstrated collaborative track record of successful technology transfer across businesses, from bench to market, his role spans people, project, business and market development.

Ken Sullivan

Ken Sullivan, Director of Sales and Marketing, is based at Boron Molecular’s sales and distribution office in Raleigh, NC, USA. A graduate of North Carolina State University, Mr Sullivan joined Boron Molecular in 2004. A highly connected and skilled sales professional, Mr Sullivan leads Boron Molecular’s global marketing strategy. With a vast network in the USA and established dynamic agencies in South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Europe, Mr Sullivan has extensive experience selling research chemicals to organizations around the world.

Mark Russell

Mark Russell, Plant Manager, is based at Boron Molecular’s manufacturing operation in Noble Park, Melbourne, Australia. Mr Russell holds an MSc. in Chemistry from the University of Canterbury, NZ. Mr Russell joined Boron Molecular in 2014 as a Production Chemist. In 2017, Mr Russell began to develop Boron Molecular’s logistics network, with a particular focus on quality management and streamlining raw material acquisitions. In 2019, Mr Russell was promoted to Logistics and Quality Control Manager overseeing the quality management of all incoming and outgoing materials. Mr Russell is a consummate logistic professional and now manages all material flow through Boron Molecular’s manufacturing facility, including conformance to Boron Molecular’s quality system.

Technical Team

Nurul Quazi

Nurul Quazi, Research & Development Manager, is based at Boron Molecular’s manufacturing operation in Noble Park, Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Quazi holds a BSc (Hons) and MSc. in Chemistry from Jahangirnagar University and completed his Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the LaTrobe University in 1995. Before he joined Boron Molecular in 2002 he spent six years with CRC for Diagnostic Technologies where he worked on Fluorescent dye chemistry for biological applications. Dr. Quazi is an experienced scientist with 25 years of industrial/academic research experience. As Product Development manager for Boron Molecular, Dr. Quazi has personally been responsible for the development of over 550 new products. He is also an author on 33 publications, including inventor on 3 issued patents.

Peter Karellas

Dr Peter Karellas is a Senior Research Scientist at Boron Molecular. Dr Karellas gained his BSc (Hons) from The University of Melbourne and Ph.D. from Monash University. He has extensive experience in developing the analytical and quality control methodology to support Boron Molecular's quality management system. He also has deep expertise in the technology transfer from bench to full scale production.

Kristine Barlow

Dr Kristine Barlow, Polymer Lead, is based at Boron Molecular’s manufacturing operation in Noble Park, Melbourne, Australia. Dr Barlow completed her doctoral studies at the University of Melbourne in 2010 and then post-doctoral stints in the Texas A&M University, CSIRO and Deakin University covering a diverse range of polymer science, including stimuli-responsive polymers, RAFT polymer monoliths, and ionic liquid block copolymers as solid polymer electrolytes. Dr Barlow joined Boron Molecular in 2019 and leads the commercialisation and development of Boron Molecular’s polymer portfolio.
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