Ordering Information

Laboratory Chemicals

You may place reagent orders via phone, fax, email, mail or by using our online ordering system. You must have a customer account in order to use our online ordering system.

TEL: 919-981-4441
FAX: 919-981-4442
Email: sales@boronmolecular.com

Bulk Enquiries

Our Sales Department is willing to help you with any information you may require regarding Bulk Inquiries.

For Bulk Inquiries you may submit them by either email, fax, or mail.
TEL: 919-981-4441
FAX: 919-981-4442
Email: sales@boronmolecular.com

Custom Synthesis

For any item you are interested in purchasing that is not listed in our catalog, please send detailed information to our sales department to obtain a quote. Helpful information could include CAS#, Structure, Chemical Name, quantity, purity, how soon you need the material, as well as any additional specifications you require. You may send this information to Boron Molecular by email, fax, or mail. We also have a quote request form available online for your convenience.

Please note: With all Custom Synthesis inquiries confidentiality is assured, however if you would prefer a confidentiality agreement we can provide one upon request.

After receiving your quote, you may place an order via mail, email and fax.

TEL: 919-981-4441
FAX: 919-981-4442
Email:  sales@boronmolecular.com

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