Metal Organic Frameworks

Aluminium Fumarate 

Water capture and dehumidification of climate-controlled areas are typically performed in energy intensive processes with single use materials, or those that are difficult to regenerate. While these materials are effective in capturing water, the inability to recycle these materials efficiently, limits their applicability.

Aluminium Fumarate (Al-Fum) is a non-hazardous water capture material that can be regenerated under very favourable conditions. Al-Fum is from a family of materials called Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) which exhibit ultra-high microporosity and surface area.

This high surface area allows for a large amount of water or other guest molecules to be attracted to the surface of the framework. Al-Fum is also well suited for water capture due to its remarkable moisture and thermal stability that further prolongs the lifespan of the material in use.

Potential applications include:

  • Water vapour capture: dehumidification, water harvesting
  • Methane capture
  • Capture of fugitive methane emissions from landfill
  • CO2 capture: post-combustion capture of CO2 from power plants
  • Adsorption heat pump: use in refrigeration cycles, efficient air conditioning
BM1811, CAS Number 132041-53-3 (Aluminium Fumarate) is available in our Catalogue.

Synthetic Resins


MS3 (BM1746) is a speciality resin uniquely developed for conservation and cultural heritage applications. Employing sustainable state-of-the-art production technology, Boron Molecular has developed a next-generation painting varnish that has been engineered to carefully replicate the chemistry of MS2A.

For decades, low molecular weight synthetic resins have been used to replace natural resin painting varnishes such as dammar and mastic, which discolour and cross-link due to oxidation. MS2A was originally developed in the 1950s and supplies have gradually depleted since production ceased in 2014. It is preferred by many conservation professionals because of it handling, appearance, longevity and reversibility. 

The need for new high-quality resin for the art conservation and restoration professionals is clear and Boron Molecular has developed this next generation resin in conjunction with one of Australia’s leading public art galleries and CSIRO. 

Advances in production have created a product with improved colour, chemical stability, and consistency between batches. The resin, named MS3, is a superior, high-performing successor to the original resin and is now commercially available.

MS3 is available through our partners Deffner & Johann and Talas.

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