Boron Molecular and HH&W Partners Announce Exclusive Flow Chemistry Agreement

Boron Molecular and HH&W Partners are pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement to collaborate on the development of commercial scale flow-chemistry based drug manufacture in Australia.

Having answered the question ‘Can we guarantee supply of essential drugs in a global crisis’, Boron Molecular will apply the technical expertise generated through the Proof of Concept project to other lifesaving molecules. Boron Molecular has selected HH&W Partners to further develop this rapidly expanding technology and demonstrate that flow chemistry can be applied to produce therapeutic drug substances at commercial scale and in compliance with applicable regulations.

HH&W Partners are a privately-owned Australian company with a shared vision for Australia to develop the sovereign capability to produce life-saving drugs and the expertise to realise that vision in partnership with Boron Molecular. HH&W provide extensive experience in the development and operation of pharmaceutical production systems, global supply chains and commercial business activities. The partnership will enable Boron Molecular to further contribute to the development of Australian sovereign manufacturing capability and actively engage in the commercial manufacture of therapeutic materials and products.


Two continuous flow reactors at work


Having proven the viability of the technology, Boron Molecular and HH&W have agreed to use the commercial manufacture of Lidocaine, in both its pure form and as a HCl salt, as the initial development objective to provide a platform and roadmap for more important APIs to follow.


Both Boron Molecular and HH&W have a shared objective in strengthening Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capabilities and this collaboration, focused on safeguarding the cost competitive supply of medically critical APIs, is a significant step towards realising this objective.


Upon signing the MOU, Boron Molecular CEO Oliver Hutt said “Boron Molecular has developed flow chemistry capability for many years and it is currently used to manufacture a range of chemical building blocks and advanced materials. This engagement with HH&W Partners is a natural evolution of our strategy to invest and advance new process technology to full commercial production. We are delighted to have found a team with necessary commercial and regulatory expertise in bringing pharmaceutical production systems online.”


HH&W Partners Managing Director, Justin Smith said  “On-shore commercialisation of Australian pharmaceutical innovation is both a dream and necessity. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing and the partnership with Boron Molecular brings the necessary innovation to reimagine pharmaceutical operations. Flow chemistry is already a proven concept and lidocaine having a (relatively) straightforward route of synthesis is a logical candidate to pilot the development of commercial manufacture for therapeutic use.  Beyond lidocaine, we are already evaluating which molecule will be next to follow and so it is truly an exciting endeavour to be involved in”


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