An Electroactive License


The Challenge

Since 2014, Boron Molecular and CSIRO have been collaborating on a range of project and executed a Master License Agreement in 2015. This umbrella agreement has enabled Boron Molecular to diversify its product portfolio and enter new markets. The first technology was RAFT Polymerisation and Boron Molecular has enjoyed significant growth as a result of its commercialisation program over the last 4 years. The electroactive polymer technology represents the 9th Technology licensed to Boron Molecular. The electroactive polymer technology is based around a polymers called polyaniline (PANI).

The Solution

This technology was jointly developed between CSIRO and Boeing. Polyaniline (PANI) is a well-studied electroactive polymer with high intrinsic electrical conductivity. PANI is unique among conducting polymers as its conductivity can be reversibly controlled. Nevertheless, most available PANI has poor-solubility in common solvents limiting its application.



Through collaboration partners Boron Molecular has developed a scalable method for the production xylene soluble solutions of highly defined and high quality doped PANI in commercial quantities. This material has a broad range of applications in the development of materials that are able to dissipate electrostatic potentials and also in the development of electrically conductive materials, coatings and composites. Commercial applications of polyaniline include: electrostatic dissipation; anticorrosion coatings; rechargeable batteries; various electronic devices; sensor; organic photovoltaics; and separation membranes, electromagnetic interference shielding, sensors, actuators, batteries, capacitors. The product is available in our catalogue.

Dr Oliver Hutt, Director of Business Development said “In concert with our research into ionic liquid electrolytes for energy storage and the production of high-purity polyaromatic molecules for OLED applications, the license to the PANI technology further supports our diversification strategy and position ourselves with differentiated offering with strong protection to the electronic market.

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