ATCI: Reinvesting in Boronic Acids

Boron Molecular is delighted to be an industry participant in the ARC Industrial Training Centre for the Chemical Industries (ATCI). In collaboration with the University of Melbourne, the goal of this training centres is to develop industry ready graduates.

Founded in 2001, Boron Molecular’s history is deeply rooted in boronic acid chemistry. Over the years we have discovered a number of challenges and the ARC Industrial Training Centre provided the perfect opportunity for us to revisit and reinvest in our core chemistry capability.

Mr Michael Scalzo is one of the inaugural students who was successful in obtaining an industry placement. Michael is fully embedded in our laboratories under the direction of Dr Nurul Quazi. As a result, Michael has successfully developed internal protocols for reaction optmisation and is making improvements across a range of our boronic acids.

Dr Oliver Hutt, Director of Business Development at Boron Molecular said “The training Michael is receiving is invaluable to his future development as a chemist. He is already delivering impact to Boron Molecular’s business. With this industrial background, it is exciting to think about what these students will achieve over the coming decades.”

Check out our catalogue for our extensive list of novel boronic acid building blocks.



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