Our invaluable ‘Magic Crystals’

Water capture and dehumidification are invaluable processes in daily lives, such as providing fresh drinking water and efficient air conditioning systems.

However, these are typically performed in energy intensive processes with single use materials, or those that are difficult to regenerate. The inability to recycle these materials limits their applicability.
The exciting news is that we offer Aluminium Fumarate (Al-Fum), a non-hazardous water capture material that can be regenerated under very favourable conditions. Al-Fum is from a family of materials called Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) which exhibit ultrahigh microporosity and surface area. Al-Fum is also well suited for water capture due to its remarkable moisture and thermal stability that further prolongs the lifespan of the material in use.Aluminium Fumarate

*Potential applications include (They are low-cost materials, of course):
• Water vapour capture: dehumidification, water harvesting
• Methane capture
• Capture of fugitive methane emissions from landfill
• CO2 capture: post-combustion capture of CO2 from power plants
• Adsorption heat pump: use in refrigeration cycles and efficient air conditioning

To get further information about this amazing material, go to Catalogue or contact us.


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