Boron Molecular partners with Epichem

Partnership Broadens Chemistry Offering

“East Meets West”


There’s no doubt that Medicinal Chemistry is at the heart of new opportunities for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industry. Since 2001, Melbourne based Boron Molecular has worked closely with these industries providing innovative boronic acids and process chemistry services. Boron Molecular is proud to announce it has now partnered with Epichem, a Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry company in Perth, Western Australia. This partnership positions us to deliver a comprehensive chemistry offering, from medicinal chemistry services and Pharmaceutical Reference Standards through to process optimisation and scale up.


With laboratories based in Perth, Western Australia, Epichem is recognised as the leading producer of quality-accredited Pharmaceutical Reference Standards, providing an extensive range of high-purity reference materials. These products are made with the highest precision. Together, Boron Molecular and Epichem will build on this quality in partnership to offer a broadened range of ISO9001, ISO17025, ISO17034 compliant tools for the pharmaceutical industry.

CEO Colin La Galia said,

“Epichem welcomes the opportunity to broaden our service and product offerings working together with Boron Molecular in partnership, providing successful product and service solutions to our global clients.”

Boron Molecular

Boron Molecular is recognised as a reliable provider of fine chemical building blocks for the pharmaceutical industry. In collaboration with Epichem, we now offer a broader range of synthetic chemistry expertise, including Medicinal Chemistry services, with the capability to translate to multi-kilogram volume quantities for preclinical evaluation.

Managing Director Zoran Manev said,

“We are excited to work with Epichem in delivering programs that will encompass our customers’ requirements from conception through to solution to delivery.”


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